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A leading Japanese pyrotechnic show designer and producer with extensive international experience.


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About Us

Offering the very best of fireworks entertainments

We are firmly committed to creating and offering the best pyrotechnic entertainments on the market. Through our works, we aspire to provide inspiring experiences with rich emotional, cultural and even spiritual content.

Maintaining passion and a can-do spirit

Without becoming content with our current state, we always try to improve our offerings with a passion and a willingness to challenge our limits so that our shows always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Pursuing high standards of risk management and quality control

In order to prevent any accident that causes damage to society, customers or our own people, we perform high-level risk management in every aspect of our operations, with our sights set on JISQ2001 certification. In order to provide products and services that can satisfy our customers, we implement a wide range of quality-control measures, aiming at ISO9001 certification.

Enhancing infrastructures

We are making constant efforts to augment our infrastructures for producing and operating fireworks shows (plants, explosives warehouses, facilities, equipment).

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