Experience in launching fireworks all over the world
by utilizing our network with fireworks companies around the world,
we can stay tuned with the development of innovative and
fascinating fireworks entertainment.

Since our founding, Nihonbashi Marutamaya has maintained a history of growing by keeping up with world's most advanced production techniques and management methods through exhibiting at overseas at international fireworks competitions and fireworks shows.
In order to show Japanese fireworks overseas, there are complicated operations that far exceed those implemented in Japan, such as license acquisition operations that comply with the laws and regulations of each country and export operations, which are the biggest obstacles.
We have succeeded by building cooperative relationships with our peers. This has played a part in many Japanese cultural events, including commemorative events with friendship cities, cultural exchanges, and the Mesena project.
Going forward, we will continue to deepen mutual trust with our world-leading peers and pursue innovative and attractive fireworks entertainment shows.